CfCA and the African Union Commission Collaborate with Addis Jazz Festival to Celebrate Africa Day

Connect for Culture Africa (CfCA) initiative, in partnership with the African Union Commission (AUC), will be collaborating with the Addis Jazz Festival to celebrate Africa Day on May 25th amidst the vibrant ambiance of the Addis Jazz Festival at the African Jazz Village in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Celebrated annually and inaugurated by the AUC in 1963, Africa Day provides an opportunity to showcase the continent’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. For stakeholders,  it is a platform to celebrate and preserve traditional art forms, languages, music, dance, and other cultural expressions that might be at risk of being forgotten in a rapidly globalising world

This year’s line up consists of award winning musician Selmor Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe who brilliantly continues  the legacy of her father, the late Oliver Mtukudzi.  Uganda is also represented by one of the last pioneering bands in East Africa, Afrigo Band, known for their fusion of traditional Ugandan rhythms, Congolese rumba, and other East African and Western elements.

Lastly, the evening will culminate in a special collaboration between two icons of Ethiopian jazz, Dawit Yifru and Girma Beyene. Yifru, a prominent composer, has been instrumental in shaping modern Ethiopian music. Beyene, celebrated for his work during the Golden Era of Ethiopian music, is renowned as an arranger, pianist, and bandleader. Together, the audience is up for a memorable performance that bridges generations of Ethiopian jazz.

The Addis Jazz Festival, organized by Muzikawi, Ethiopia’s top music and event production company, will run from May 24 to 26. The festival, now in its third edition, aims to promote Ethio-jazz and provide a platform for international jazz musicians, introducing jazz music to Addis Ababa and fostering networking opportunities among artists.

Africa Day is a momentous occasion, and we are honored to mark it with performances that reflect the diverse and dynamic spirit of our continent,” Muzikawi says. “This festival is a testament to the unity and creativity that define African music. And we are glad to collaborate with CfCA to amplify their agenda to showcase the value of the culture sector for social, political and most importantly economical benefits.”

Other artists poised to grace the stage include from Ethiopia, Yaho Traditional Band,Jorga Mesfin, Mehari Brothers, Yohana Sahle and Roha Band. Internationally, the audience will experience the sounds of Mbira with a performance by an award-winning Afropop musician from Zambia, Mathew Tembo.

The Addis jazz festival is being organized in partnership with CfCA, African Union, Embassy of Sweden, Muzikawi, Selam Ethiopia, British Council and African Jazz Village.

More information about the line-up is available here.


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