CfCA to Host Roundtable Discussion on Public Funding for Culture Sector in Africa at CANEX 2023

The Connect for Culture Africa (CfCA) initiative, in partnership with the African Union (AU), is excited to announce its participation in CANEX 2023, where it will host a roundtable discussion on the theme Exploring Opportunities and Challenges in Securing Public Funding for the Culture Sector in Africa.

The roundtable discussion is scheduled for 11 November 2023, and aims to analyse the roles of government bodies, cultural organisations, private sector partners, and community groups in the distribution of public funds for culture. Understanding the dynamics among these stakeholders is crucial to fostering effective collaborations and promoting transparent fund allocation. The discussion will  also address obstacles faced by stakeholders when accessing public funds, including issues related to transparency, limited resources, and bureaucratic challenges. 

The roundtable will bring together a diverse panel of experts, including Policy and Advocacy Specialists, Academic and Research Experts, Government Actors, Gender Experts, Culture and Creative Industry Experts, and representatives from the African Union and the Education sector. It will also be open to representatives from the AU, Afrixembank, government officials, and CANEX delegates.

“Identifying these challenges is the first step toward developing targeted solutions and advocating for streamlined funding mechanisms,” Selam Executive Director, Teshome Wondimu said. “ This discussion is an opportunity for us to chart a path toward a more vibrant and inclusive cultural landscape. The insights and expertise these distinguished individuals bring to the table are invaluable. With a collective effort, we can address the challenges and come up with strategies in securing public funding for the culture sector in Africa.”

The CfCA initiative  is committed to strengthening critical domains such as legislative frameworks, market expansion, education, finance, statistical analysis, and cultural infrastructure development, all in line with the Revised African Union Plan of Action on Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). The initiative’s visionary goal is to influence African governments to allocate 1% of their national budgets to culture and creative industries by 2030.

The event will also foster networking and collaboration among experts and organisations, creating opportunities for future partnerships, joint projects, and knowledge sharing.

For more information visit the Connect for Culture Africa (CfCA) initiative website HERE.


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