Connect for Culture Africa (CfCA) – Roundtable Discussion

Activity Report, 8-12 Nov / Cairo, Egypt

Roundtable discussion

Co-organised with CANEX 2023

The roundtable discussion on public funding for the creative sector, held on November 11, 2023, brought together a diverse group of experts and stakeholders. The African Union (AU) was commended and recognized as a critical platform for decision-making, particularly in establishing the 1% goal for public funding in the creative sector. It was emphasized that follow-up efforts should extend beyond the AU to regional spaces.

Building and sustaining momentum in lobbying efforts emerged as a key theme, with a focus on the quality and diversity of network members and the need for strong leadership. The consensus was to approach the advocacy step by step, avoiding the common mistake of expecting rapid progress. The call for a champion for the CfCA project was proposed..

The role of governments in commitment, conventions, and declarations was highlighted, with several identified issues to secure public funding at the country level. These included mapping stakeholders, documenting best practices, understanding government processes, and fostering partnerships. Challenges within government configurations, such as the spread of budgets across multiple ministries and the absence of a unified voice in the culture sector due to poor organization, were recognized.

Allocation and distribution challenges were noted, stressing the importance of not only the percentage but also the effective distribution of funds. Lack of statistics and a professional sector with joint advocacy efforts were identified as obstacles. Financial models were discussed, emphasizing criteria such as accessibility, agility, diversification, availability, and transparency.

The discussion also addressed challenges, including a lack of information on accessing government-related funds, insufficient follow-up on activity impacts, and a need for management and investment skills among creatives. The importance of working with member states, integrating culture into government development narratives, and presenting alternatives for calculating the value of culture were final takeaways. The need for professionalization, tools for measuring economic contributions, and continuous pressure on governments were highlighted as crucial elements for the success of the culture sector. In summary, the discussion emphasized the multifaceted approach required for effective public funding and advocacy in the dynamic landscape of the creative sector.


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